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Jimmy Lagarde with Emeril Lagasse

Jimmy Lagarde is internationally recognized for his vast expertise in kitchen and bath design. His designs have won accolades through the decades and has have been featured in numerous design periodicals. His work spans the gamut of single family residences to commercial properties and large developments.

He is an artist, chef, and engineer with a fanatical attention to detail. Jimmy Lagarde kitchens are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional; and it is for this reason that many of New Orleans’ top chefs have asked Lagarde’s to create their personal kitchens.

You can find our kitchens as far away as Central America and Europe, and scattered throughout the United States. In New Orleans we have renovated the kitchens and bathrooms of hundreds of the finest homes in the area.

Jimmy Lagarde with New Orleans' top chefs at the time Goffredo Fraccaro, Chris Kerageorgiou, and Paul Prudhomme during a filming at Lagarde's demonstration kitchen.

Jimmy Lagarde with New Orleans’ top chefs at the time Goffredo Fraccaro, Paul Prudhomme, Chris Kerageorgiou during a filming at the demonstration kitchen at Lagarde’s.

A Rich History of Working with Top Chefs

Not only has Jimmy Lagarde designed the kitchens of many of New Orleans’ top chefs, his showroom and demonstration kitchens were frequently used for cooking shows on local television stations including the popular series, “Cooking with Chris and Goffredo.” Legendary cajun/creole chef Paul Prudhomme was often a regular both for television appearances and as a guest.

Paul is widely credited for popularizing cajun and creole cuisine, making blackened Redfish popular in the 1980s, and creating his namesake spice mix on grocery store shelves all over the world. Prudhomme is also known for turning around the famous Commander’s Palace in the Garden District and hiring the now legendary Emeril Lagasse to work for him. Paul’s famous restaurant K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen is still open today in the French Quarter.

From the Filming of  Cooking with Chris and Goffredo at Lagarde's

From the Filming of Cooking with Chris and Goffredo at Lagarde’s

Goffredo Fraccaro was owner and executive chef of the famed La Riveria Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana while Chris Kerageorgiou owned La Provence in Lacombe, a restaurant famous for Provencal French cuisine. During his time at Le Provence, Chris trained the now famous John Besh who ultimate purchased Le Provence from Chris when his health began to decline. Up until Chris’ eventual death, Chris and Jimmy remained close friends.

Due to the growing popularity of the cooking shows filmed at Lagarde’s, Jimmy ultimately designed a large demonstration kitchen for New Orleans’ leading television station, WWL.

It was later that Jimmy met Emeril Lagasse and designed a demonstration kitchen for his personal residence in the Warehouse District in New Orleans. Emeril is celebrity chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author internationally famous for his unique cuisine.

Lagarde’s continues to execute some of the most functional and beautiful kitchens in the United States and abroad.

Jimmy Lagarde New Orleans Kitchen Design

Jimmy Lagarde New Orleans Kitchen and Bath Design

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